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Bill Pay Options:

You may pay your bill at Auburn Bank and Lewisburg Bank. Both locations do not accept late payments.

In order to absorb fees charged by the credit/debit card companies and to continue to accept credit/debit card payments, beginning September 1, 2014 we will have to charge a convenience fee of $2.35 for every credit/debit card payment zero to $140. An additional fee will be charged for each payment over $140 thereafter.

Online Bill Pay!

You can pay your bill online, by mail, in person, or contact us to set up automatic bank drafts every month!

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  • See your account number and balance
  • Have access to 12 months worth of bills to help you with taxes
  • Pay your bill any time of day or night from the comfort of your home
  • No waiting on hold or getting a busy signal when trying to call the office on busy days
  • Save on Postage!

Automatic Bank Draft

It's easy and secure to pay your bill by bank autodraft - just have your ELWD bill handy, along with your checking account information.

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