Leak Resources

Detecting Leaks:

If you suspect you have a leak and don't see water running, here are some steps you can take to track down the potential leak:

Walk along the water line going to your house in your yard. Look for these physical signs of a leak...

  • Grass that is greener than other areas
  • Bleached out grass
  • A puddle (even a small one) when it should be dry
  • Grass that is taller or more lush than other areas
  • Spongy ground

All of these signify a possible leak and should be addressed immediately to avoid high water bills! East Logan Water District offers its customers a once a year leak adjustment, providing that the customer fixes his/her leak. Call the office and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Finding and Repairing Leaks:

If you suspect you have a leak, follow these steps to try to find it:

  • Find your meter
  • Open the lid to your meter
  • Clean dirt and/or debris off the register
  • Watch your meter for 5 minutes to see if black triangle or red circle is turning.
  • If it's turning, check to make sure no faucets are on in the house
  • Turn off any valves going to any barns or outbuildings to isolate leak.
  • Go back and check the meter to see if it's still turning after you shut each valve off until meter stops turning.

You have successfully found the leak! Take steps to fix the leak as soon as possible, and be sure to call our office for a once a year leak adjustment.

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