Frequently Asked Questions

Moving to the East Logan Water District?

  • We require everyone to pay a deposit on their meter.
  • Our deposits are $150.00.
  • We keep your deposit in an interest bearing account and will credit the interest your deposit earns to your water account on a yearly basis.
  • Your deposit is refundable upon disconnection of service.
  • Upon disconnection of service, your final bill will be taken from your deposit.

Building in the East Logan Water District?

  • A normal ¾” meter will cost a total of $850.00. This pays for your deposit and inspection fee. This also pays for the tap to be made and meter set at your address. (As long as there is a water main that serves your area.)
  • The home owner is responsible for running his/her own line to the home, barn, etc.
  • Only one residence may be served by a meter at any given time.
  • ELWD does require that a cut off valve be installed within two (2) feet of the water meter on the customer side.
  • ELWD will start billing a minimum bill whether or not you are hooked up to your meter within one (1) month of installing meter.
  • We will charge this minimum bill for 12 months or until you begin using water from your meter. At that point, we will charge you for water that is used.
  • We do require that you have a plumbing permit or a farm exempt certificate prior to us unlocking your meter. Both of these can be obtained from the Health Department. Their number is 270-726-8341.